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The Front Bottoms - Mountain(x)


The Night I Drove Alone

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Low by Sleeping With Sirens - Edit

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☾forever halloween☽ a halloween mix!! → [ listen here ] [ art credit ]

001. this is halloween - panic! at the disco / 002. time warp - rocky horror picture show / 003. thriller - michael jackson / 004. halloween - the misfits / 005. dead souls - joy division / 006. monster mash - the misfits / 007. pet sematary - ramones / 008. dracula - gorillaz / 009. psycho killer - talking heads / 010. i never told you what i do for a living - my chemical romance / 011. standing on ghosts - two door cinema club / 012. devil town - bright eyes / 013. forever halloween - the maine

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our brains are sick, but that’s okay.

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ARTIST: Tyler Joseph
TRACK: Blasphemy
ALBUM: No Phun Intended


Sing a song but don’t believe
Blasphemy is just for me
Hypocrite, take your pick
Cause the poison’s on my lips

Can I understand you?
Can I understand you?
Can I understand you?
Can I understand you?


if you haven’t cried while listening to twenty one pilots you’re lying

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